Quoth the Raven
Some ramblings on my experiences with public relations


….I started a blog. I’ve been somewhat skeptical of blogs until recently, because it seemed the only people I knew that had them used them as forums to complain about anything and everything. However, the Online Public Relations course I’m completing as part of my corporate communications and public relations certificate at Centennial College has opened my eyes to what a powerful tool they all are, and is hammering this point home by charging every student with creating a blog of their own.

So this blog will cover my thoughts on a variety of PR-related topics, in a somewhat amateur-blogging fashion, so please bear with me. And as I’m writing this post, I can feel myself becoming a little bit addicted. Will I turn into a blogging enthusiast? Stay tuned!

P.S. The references to “The Raven”? A play on my last name. Although I do quite enjoy the poem.