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H.I.T. or miss?

January 29, 2008

There’s a new gym in town, and they’re selling what scads of couch potatoes and fitness buffs alike have been searching for: the same results in less time. H.I.T. Fit, with two Toronto locations (the TD Centre and Yonge St and Eglinton Ave), promises to deliver a workout equivalent to 45 minutes of resistance training, […]

Backpacks and Bad PR

January 25, 2008

Everyone who knows me knows that I carry around a behemoth of a bag. It’s a laptop backpack, so it’s already bigger than normal, but it has so much padding and so many pockets that it often feels somewhat akin to giving a small child a piggyback ride all day. I visit a chiropractor regularly, […]

A cute computer, a great idea..but one that still needs PR

January 21, 2008

When reading the Toronto Star this weekend, I came across an article on what is quite possibly the most adorable piece of technology ever: the XO laptop. While I was immediately enthralled with the little guy (and astonished by the fact that he’s only $188), I discovered that the computer is manufactured by One Laptop […]

Once upon a midnight dreary….

January 15, 2008

….I started a blog. I’ve been somewhat skeptical of blogs until recently, because it seemed the only people I knew that had them used them as forums to complain about anything and everything. However, the Online Public Relations course I’m completing as part of my corporate communications and public relations certificate at Centennial College has […]